Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bed and Bath Time Week!

Bed and Bath Time Week provided a forum within which the children could reflect upon and share their thoughts regarding their Bed and Bath Time routines.  In addition to our discussions, the children took great pleasure in the wonderful bed and bath time books that were read daily at Story Time.  As the photos illustrate, the children took very seriously the task of bathing the baby dolls in the water table. 

Of course the Week's highlight was wearing pajamas to school, making popcorn, and enjoying our Pajama Party!

Many thanks to Jude's mom, Emily and to Cameron's mom, Krista who came in as our Guest Readers these two past weeks.  

Have a fun and restful February Break!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day-Sky/Night-Sky Week!

Day-Sky/Night-Sky Week is primarily a Science-based theme in which the children identify and discuss what they see in the sky during the day and at night.  Once again, Literature is a main component of this theme as we read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books on the topic.  

The direction and depth of the study is driven by the children interests. This week we chatted about the sun, moon, clouds, stars and rainbows as is typical.  The children were also interested in discussing thunder, lightning, planets and constellations. 

We also talked about how and why we have day and night. 

As the photos illustrate, the children enjoyed a variety of related activities during free play. 

The art table was a place of exploration and creations on a daily basis.

"Star Sandwiches" and "Moon Cakes" were also great fun to make and eat!

We happily welcomed two new student teachers from HVCC this week!  Sophia and Emily will be with us through mid-May.

Sophia's placement is on Tuesday mornings.

Emily's placement is on Wednesday mornings.

Thank you to MacKenzie's grandma who came in as our Guest Reader this week!

Divertido con Espanol / Fun with Spanish
Senora Jen spent time playing with the children as she reinforced our Vocabalo de Semana en Espanol!

Vocabalo de Semana en Espanol / Words of the Week in Spanish
Luna / Moon
Sol / Sun
Estrellas / Stars
Arcoiris / Rainbow

Looking Deeper:  Exploration and Learning through Play
This week I will explore the importance of focusing teaching and learning on the "whole child"!
Day Sky/Night Sky is always a high interest theme for the children.  Perhaps this is because they are fascinated by the things in the sky that they see each day and night but never really touch.  These things though common are indeed other worldly and therefore hold a fascination!  The sun, stars and beloved rainbow are truly magical!  

Inevitably during the week, the children talk about their fears surrounding "thunder and lightning"!  We spend important time talking about these fears that are so common and universal.  I share that I too once feared "thunder and lightning" when I was a child. We talk about common sense safety rules, such as always be sure that you and your grown-up go inside at the first sighting of lightning!  We also talk a bit about what causes thunder and lightning, and that while thunder sounds really scary, it cannot hurt you. Discussing, honoring, and demystifying fears are a very important part of learning for young children.  That is why teaching and learning must go beyond mere cognition and focus on the "whole child"  These conversations are crucial to children's holistic growth and development! 

Have a fun and restful weekend!