Thursday, October 19, 2017

Black Week!

Black Week marks the winding down of our color weeks & the peak of our Fall exploration!

This week's art activities included collage and paint & fold.

Our classroom moved outdoors once again as we took a "Nature Walk" on our beautiful school grounds to collect leaves for gluing.

Divertido con Espanol / Fun with Spanish
Senora Jen read a story entitled, "Mi Vida en Colores" and of course spent time playing with the children!

Vocabalo de Semana en Espanol / Words of the Week in Spanish
Negro - Black
Como te llamas? - What is your name?
Me llamo ____   -   My name is ____

Looking Deeper: Exploration and Learning through Play
This Week I would like to guide you through a deeper look at
Experiential Learning.

For the past month or more the children have been observing the leaves on the trees outside our classroom windows.  When our observations first began the weather was warm and the leaves were green.  We discussed how the leaves would change color and then fall from the trees.  I told the children;  "When all the leaves on all the trees have fallen to the ground,  the weather will be colder and winter will be on its way!"  This week we noted that much of this has come to pass, and much like picking "our apples", we ventured outdoors to collect the leaves that we would use for gluing.

The children have observed and participated in each phase of our Fall study.  In so doing they have assumed ownership of this learning; this is the essence of Experiential Learning! 

During our walk in the woods, the children were given the time and opportunity to study additional facets of Nature that were of interest to them such as;

Tree Bark


Pine Cones


and Mushrooms

The very intentional curriculum goal of the past four weeks has been to have the children "experience" Fall though field trips, nature walks, art, music, literature, science, math and cooking! Experiential learning is what makes the difference between knowing about Fall and knowing Fall!  

Have a fun and restful weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Orange Week!

Orange Week was short in days but it was long on learning! Listed below are highlights of this weeks activities!

The color orange emerged at the Art Table as we painted pumpkins and squash!

We glued two kinds of colored leaves as we delved deeper into our
Fall Gifts from the Earth Theme!

We used the last of "our apples" to make and eat Apple Crisp!

The children explored and investigated our new "Gifts from the Earth" basket with great focus!

We also explored and discussed our Fall Gifts from the Earth Basket at Story Time!

Of course we also spent lots of time engaging in favorite activities!

Divertido con Espanol / Fun with Spanish
Senora Jen continues to reinforce el colores de Espanol in both large and small groups.

Vocabalo de Semana en Espanol / Words ofthe Week in Spanish
Anarajado / Orange
Regalo / Gift
Tierra / Earth

Happy Birthday to Alan, who turned Three this past Wednesday!

Have a fun and restful weekend!
We hope to see you at Parker's Fall Festival!